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OverProof corrects OCR so that you can search, read and reuse your text more effectively.




pageVault supports the archiving of all unique responses generated by a web server.

It allows you to know exactly what information you have published on your web site, whether static pages or dynamically generated content, and regardless of format (HTML, XML, PDF, zip, Microsoft Office formats, images, sound - everything), regardless of rate of change.

Although every unique HTTP response can be archived and indexed, you can define non-material content (such as the current date/time and trivial site personalisation) on a per-URL, directory or regular expression basis which pageVault will exclude when calculating the novelty of a response.

With the critical role played by web servers in corporate communication, knowing exactly what has been delivered to visitors to a web site is as much a necessity as keeping file-copies of official correspondence. But until now there has been no practical way of recording all information published by a web site. Change control and versioning systems address part of the problem, but cannot cope with dynamic content, and there is the ever-present risk that changes are made to content bypassing version control systems.

pageVault takes a radically different approach which guarantees that every unique HTTP response, however it is generated and regardless of its content is efficiently archived with minimal overhead.

The pageVault archives can be queried to answer questions such as:

  • what did this page look like at 9:30AM on the 4th May last year?
  • exactly how many times and how has this particular page changed over the 6 months?
  • exactly how did we respond to search requests containing the word poison over the last 18 months?
  • which images in the "logos" subdirectory have changed this week, and how?
  • the content of this URL has been corrupted - I need to recover it to the version as of August 17th.



NIM is a MVS/VTAM assembler transaction processing monitor providing superior performance and functionality for ADABAS/NATURAL users. NIM has been purchased by the major Australian ADABAS sites, including Reserve Bank, Australian Wheat Board, University of NSW, Australian National University, Macquarie University, Nissan, Australian National Industries, Komatsu, Commonwealth Departments and Agencies (Health, Attorney Generals, Patents Office, Austrade, Australian Taxation Office, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Federal Police), and by the Royal Oman Police.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

NIM-SPOOL is a popular MVS/JES/VTAM output spooler with advanced compression, user interface and output manipulation facilities.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

NIM-STATUS provides support for the STATUS full text database under the NIM TP Monitor.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

NIM-CICS is an emulator which allows CICS command and macro-level applications to run under the NIM TP Monitor.

NIMBUS is an LU6.2 application environment initially used to support PC-Mainframe connectivity and then extended to TCP/IP(UNIX)-Mainframe connectivity.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

ADAREORG is an indispensible utility used by dozens of ADABAS sites around the world for reorganising ADABAS files.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

ADASTRIP allows data to be extracted and reformatted from ADABAS backups extremely quickly.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

ADASIGHT provides real-time and historical tuning information for ADABAS databases.

AUDIT supports the extraction and reuse of data from ADABAS protection logs.

DBAUDIT implements referential integrity and other user-specified integrity constraints and data analysis facilities for ADABAS databases.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

QDUMP was the first incremental backup utility for ADABAS databases employing updating tracking during database operation and multi-tasking and parallel I/O to reduce backup times from hours to minutes. QDUMP is used by large 24x7 ADABAS sites worldwide.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

PROFILER is a performance monitor and test-coverage tool for NATURAL which allows developers to find and analyse performance hot-spots in their programs and testers to analyse the effectiveness of their testing strategies.

Supported and marketed by Treehouse Software

PACKETIN is a MSP X.25 Assembler application which allows NATURAL programs to communicate with remote hosts using the X.25 protocol.

Supported and marketed by CCA Software

TISP/PRINT is an LPD for FUJITSU MSP mainframes, taking JES output and sending it to (Unix) LPD print queues.

Supported and marketed by Fujitsu

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