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pageVault Reference Manual

Appendix A - Acknowledgements

We wish to acknowledge the following software/tools/people which have contributed significantly to the development of pageVault:
  1. Russell McCaskie, Records Manager, CSIRO

    Russell is responsible for bringing the significant issues with the preservation and management of web-site content to our attention.

  2. Tomcat

    pageVault is distributed with the Apache/Jakarta Tomcat reference servlet implementation.

  3. Apache 2/Apache Run Time

    The elegant design of the Apache 2 filter architecture and the Apache Run Time meant that the pageVault Apache filter was a pleasure to implement.

  4. JDBM

    pageVault uses the open source JDBM B+Tree implementation

  5. GNU Wget

    The trial version of pageVault uses the GNU Wget software to simulate content acquisition from a web server and hence demonstrate the operation of the pageVault Distributor, Archiver and Viewer.

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