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Similar Products

As far as we know, there is only one product which is similar in any way to pageVault and that is Vignette's webcapture. (Vignette inherited webcapture when it acquired the "Tower Technology" software company.)

Both products address the same goal of providing evidence of content generated by a web site, but the tools have a different emphasis and radically different implementations.

pageVault Static and dynamic content, however generated. All unique responses except those explicitly excluded. Content which is "Non material" can be defined.
webcapture Static and dynamic content generated as part of e-commerce transactions. All responses which are generated as part of a defined transaction boundary are archived.
pageVault All unique content in its complete context generated by a web site, regardless of how, why or by whom it was requested.
webcapture Content delivered to a particular user as part of a transactional interaction with the web site.

"Billed primarily as a customer service or cstomer self-help tool, recorded sessions can be used both by customers and corporate representatives to assist customers with transactions they have initiated on a site, or resolve potential legal disputes by providing a concrete record of the transaction itself."

Architectural Philosophy
pageVault Simple, specialised (does one thing), stand-alone. Small is beautiful, less is more. Inexpensive. A tactical solution.

"Enterprise" sized. Part of the large Tower IDM suite. Requires an Oracle database and associated infrastructure. A strategic solution.

"TOWER IDM is designed to be a tightly integrated solution. TOWER does not usually sell the individual modules as stand-alone offerings.
Its average deal size, for software only, is about $1.5 million."

pageVault Web based. Search by URL pattern and/or date time and or version count. Search by textual content functionality is planned for Version 1.3, May 2003.

Display options include side-by-side version comparision, auto-play through versions, response metadata. Complete arbitrary "point in time" view of a collection of web-sites.

No browser plugin required.

webcapture Web based. Search by URL pattern and/or date time and/or metadata and/or textual content of page.

Display options include session replay.

Browser plugin required

pageVault Material can be deleted from the archive only by explicit action, based on URL matching and date range.
webcapture At point of archive, material can be given a retention date at which time it will be automatically deleted. Retention can be also set dynamically based on last access (eg "last access plus 6 months").
Access Restrictions
pageVault Coarse site defined implemented by standard authentication provided by the viewer servlet container framework (eg, Tomcat or Apache based authentication realms which may use LDAP). Access to parts of the archive based on requested URL is not supported by pageVault, but could be added using a custom site authentication filter. It is assumed users accessing the archive are priviledged to access the entire archive.
webcapture Site defined; LDAP supported. Fine grained and flexable, allows selective access to parts of the repository.
Archive repository storage
pageVault Native B+Tree index and filesystem. All responses are compressed.
webcapture Oracle 8i. Responses are not compressed.
Implementation Costs
pageVault License varies from $US2,200 to $US8,000 for the first machine, with volume discounts thereafter (details here). Implementation is very simple requiring no more than a few hours planning and installation from start to finish even for the first time user.
webcapture Not sure. Oracle 8i license required in addition to webcapture license and implementation costs.
Buzzword Compliance
pageVault -
webcapture LDAP, J2EE, EJB, XML

The webcapture web site does a tremendous job of establishing the need for products such as pageVault and webcapture - much better than we could do as humble programmers. So please visit it and compare our offerings and cost of ownership.

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